NATO CIMIC Field Worker Course

CCOE’s two-week NATO CIMIC Field Worker Course enables officers and non-commissioned officers, appointed as (future) CIMIC operators, to conduct CIMIC activities across the full spectrum of military engagement in modern operational environments. The course invites students up to and including corps/component command level, civilian equivalents and those who have a vested interest in CIMIC.

Guided by experienced NATO staff, representatives from International Organizations and Subject Matter Experts, students will learn about essential NATO doctrines and processes, about CIMIC activities on the tactical level, non-military actors and their civil environment. Moreover, all students will be able to test their theoretical knowledge in a practice-oriented multinational learning environment.

Subjects of the course

  • Introduction to NATO Civil-Military Interaction and a Comprehensive Approach
  • Introduction to the NATO CIMIC & CMI doctrinal framework
  • NATO Civil-Military Cooperation, its principles and core functions 
  • Introduction to NATO’s Cross-Cutting Topics
  • Cross-Cultural Competences and Intercultural Communication
  • Negotiation and mediation with non-military actors
  • Establishment and use of a NATO CIMIC Liaison Matrix 
  • Reporting in accordance with NATO standards
  • Contribution to CIMIC assessments and advice
  • Contribution to the management of CIMIC activities


  • Language proficiency: desired English level: 3332, minimum requirement 2221 (in accordance with NATO STANAG 6001)
  • Successful completion of the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) courses: 
    • NATO CIMIC Awareness Course 
    • Improving Operational Effectiveness by Integrating Gender Perspectives (ADL 169) 


  • The NCFWC will be conducted at least in 6 iterations per year at different places in Europe. 

Tuition fee

Students from Sponsoring Nations: 345.00 Euro
Students from Non-Sponsoring Nations: 695.00 Euro