NATO CIMIC Staff Worker Course

CCOE’s NATO CIMIC Staff Worker Course is a one week course, building on the NATO CIMIC Fieldworker Course. It aims at enabling officers and non-commissioned officers, appointed as CIMIC Staff Workers, to conduct NATO CIMIC Staff activities across the full spectrum of military engagement in modern operational environments. The course invites students up to and including corps/component command level, civilian equivalents and those who have a vested interest in CIMIC. 

With the support of qualified and experienced NATO staff, the course aims to provide CIMIC & CMI personnel with enough knowledge to make him or her a confident (NATO) CIMIC Staff member at the tactical level. 

Subjects of the course

  • Contribution to staff procedures and the Decision Making Process (DMP)
  • Contribution to information management and the Common Operational Picture (COP)
  • Evaluation and management of CIMIC activities
  • Use of communication skills across all levels of engagement
  • Advice military staff on cultural aspects and raise cultural awareness among the staff


  • Language proficiency: desired English level: 3332, minimum requirement 2221 (in accordance with NATO STANAG 6001)
  • Successful completion of the NATO CIMIC Fieldworker Course
  • Successful completion of the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) courses: 
    • NATO CIMIC Awareness Course 
    • Improving Operational Effectiveness by Integrating Gender Perspectives (ADL 169) 
    • Introduction to NATO (ADL 037) 

Modular Entry

  • Students who would like to refresh their knowledge gained in the NATO CIMIC Fieldworker Course may join the first week of the NATO CIMIC Fieldworker Course before joining the NATO CIMIC Staff Worker Course. These students must pay the fee for a Modular Entry. 


  • The NCSWC will be conducted at least in 6 iterations per year at different places in Europe. 

Tuition fee

  • Students from Sponsoring Nations: 275.00 Euro  / 225.00 Euro ONLINE COURSE
  • Students from Non-Sponsoring Nations: 545.00 Euro / 495.00 Euro ONLINE COURSE