Cross-Cutting Topics

Within the CCOE’s Concepts, Interoperability, Capabilities Branch, a section that deals with Cross-Cutting Topics (CCT) and emerging topics.

The term Cross-Cutting Topics (CCT) specifies a range of different topics which could affect the mission in a number of ways, which fall outside of the military’s primary responsibilities. Different military disciplines, branches and command levels may have to consider and deal with a variety of CCTs. As described in NATO AJP.3.19 the current CCT’s are comprised of Protection of Civilians (PoC), Building Integrity (BI), Children And Armed Conflict (CAAC), Cultural Property Protection (CPP) and Women Peace and Security (WPS).

You can read all about these topics in our Fact Sheets and handbooks.

CMI and CIMIC (J9) have a strong link with CCT’s, due to the fact they are all aimed at the civil environment, which is one of the core functions of CIMIC to support.
Next to that, these CCT’s are so intertwined within a society that discarding one might impact all in a way that it could severely hamper the mission.

Some of the CCT’s might already have “champions”, WPS has a Gender Advisor, addressing them in missions, others are getting these “champions” at this current moment, CPP has CPP units in , GB, France, USA etc.are being set up. Besides these persons and units a good relation to the civil environment is imperative to make it work, so the cooperation with CIMIC is equally important and therefore our CIMIC operators need to have knowledge of what CCT is and how to use them, especially in those areas that don’t have a unit or “champion” yet, like PoC, CAAC or BI.

In that case, our experience has taught us, that if a CCT or any other topic that is related to the civil environment is addressed in a mission and there is no expert (“champion”) present to answer questions and or engage in projects, these normally come to the CIMIC operators desks. Another reason why our operators need to have knowledge of these topics. That is the reason why the CCOE CIC Branch creates easy to read factsheets that give insight into how to approach a topic and who to reach out in the IO and NGO community for more information and help.

Besides producing all these factsheets and booklets, we are heavily involved in contributing to the concepts, frameworks, handbooks and courses on CCT’s. Besides the CCT’s there are more topics. These emerging topics (call them future CCT’s) we are dealing with are: Sexual Violence (SV) and how to counter and prevent that or Trafficking Human Beings (THB), Human Security (HS). They are currently in the development phase and also need our attention.

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