Civilians in Conflict: ‘A Ukraine Case Study’ (13 JUN 2024)

Two years after Russia has lounged  a full scale war against Ukraine, the war continues to cause extreme civilian harm and military casualties, affecting the lives of millions. From the annexation of Crimea to the sustained confrontations in the Donbas region, this protracted conflict has shed light on the profound humanitarian crises and geopolitical complexities inherent in modern warfare. Most importantly, it highlights the urgent need for effective intervention strategies to mitigate harm and safeguard vulnerable individuals.  Reflecting on the past and analysing the current realities is crucial in paving the way for peace, reconciliation and a more cohesive society.

In this online seminar, we aim to nurture and strengthen the discussion of the complex humanitarian aspects of Civil-Military Cooperation in conflict zones,  specifically focusing on the Ukraine crisis. The effective collaboration between humanitarian organisations and military forces plays an essential role in the protection of the most vulnerable, facilitating humanitarian efforts, promoting stability, and aiding in peacebuilding.

Through expert presentations and a moderated Q&A session, we aim to shed light on the challenges faced by civilians, explore protection strategies for protecting and supporting them, and identify best practices for promoting their well-being and safety in volatile environments. Valuable lessons will be drawn from the Ukrainian CIMIC experience, highlighting unique strategies and challenges encountered in this context.