NATO CIMIC & CMI Awareness Course

CCOE’s CIMIC Awareness Course is an Advanced Distributed Learning course, accessible via the NATO e-learning website, free of charge. The course provides a basic understanding of the joint function Civil-Military Cooperation, its aim, principles and core functions. It further introduces CIMIC related capabilities, staff functions and Cross-Cutting Topics.

The course takes on average 90 minutes to complete. In the end, students may do an assessment to test their CIMIC knowledge and to obtain their certificate. Successful completion of the ADL CIMIC Awareness Course is a prerequisite for most CIMIC courses at the CCOE, its Sponsoring Nations and the NATO School Oberammergau. 

Subjects of the course

  • Introduction to NATO Civil-Military Cooperation, NATO Civil-Military Interaction and a Comprehensive Approach
  • Introduction to NATO’s CIMIC core functions
  • Introduction to NATO CIMIC-related capabilities, staff functions and Cross-Cutting Topics

Access to online training for CCOE students


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