CCOE Seminar Series

The CCOE serves as the preferred network campus for connecting people, sharing collective knowledge, and gaining unity of purpose in the field of civil-military interaction.

CCOE Seminars provide the Civil-Military community with an opportunity to commonly examine subjects of interest from different perspectives. Hereby, CCOE provides an advanced platform for the community of interest to engage physically or virtually. Expanding seminars to a regular and virtual environment increases accessibility and fosters a larger and more diverse audience to interact with. 

From conceptual developments to practitioners’ experiences, CCOE Seminars deliver the foundation to relate the community of interest’s demand for information with the respective expertise. Next to the expert’s presentations, plenty of space is reserved for stipulating a fertile exchange of ideas by facilitating a moderated question-and-answer session. 

By publicly providing each seminar's content, such as speakers’ presentations, biographies, minutes, and further literature on the CCOE website, CCOE promotes its ambition to offer expertise beyond the seminar's timeframe.

Civilians in Conflict: ‘A Ukraine Case Study’ (13 JUN 2024)

Israel-Palestine: ‘A Humanitarian Case Study’ (06 MAR 2024)

Energy Security (10 MAY 2023)

Misinformation and Disinformation (16 NOV 2022)

Climate Change and its Implications for Military Operations (29 JUN 2022)

NATO CIMIC and US Civil Affairs – A Crosswalk (21 APR 2022)

Resilience in the Cyber Domain (10 FEB 2022)

Societal Resilience – Conceptual observations meet practitioners’ experience (16 DEC 2021)

A Civil-Military Response to Hybrid Threats (13 OCT 2021)

Engaging in Civil-Military Information Sharing (8 JUL 2021)

Viewing the Civil Environment through PMESII/ASCOPE (22 APR 2021)

Structured Analytic Techniques (4 MAR 2021)

Dissecting Structured Analytic Techniques (SAT): Strengths, Weaknesses and Limitations (20 JAN 2021)

Understanding order, stability, and security in fragile areas (26 NOV 2020)