POTI Certificate

All resident CCOE courses meet the requirements to get a POTI Certificate

CCOE continues its cooperation with the Peace Operations Training Institute (POTI).
After implementation of the new NATO CIMIC Education & Individual Training (E&IT) landscape all course curricula have been sent to POTI for approval. All resident CCOE courses

  • NATO CIMIC/CMI Higher Command Course (NCHCC),
  • NATO CIMIC Staff Worker Course (NCSWC),
  • NATO CIMIC Field Worker Course (NCFWC),
  • NATO CIMIC Functional Specialist Course (NCFSC),
  • NATO CIMIC Liaison Course (NCLC)

meet the requirements to obtain a POTI certificate in conjunction with some POTI E-learning modules and a written thesis.

The Peace Operations Training Institute trains peacekeepers, humanitarian workers, United Nations staff, and other persons interested in global peace and security. They offer several courses, allowing anyone to study peacekeeping topics from anywhere in the world at any time. Students at POTI, concluding a classroom instruction (all resident CCOE courses can be computed), a distance education in twelve correspondent courses and a written thesis will receive a Certificate of Training in United Nations Peace Support Operations (COTIPSO). This demonstrates a thorough study and understanding of UN Peace Support Operations. Military and civilian staff may take courses in preparation for deployment at a peacekeeping mission, or they can add to their knowledge while on a mission. Thousands of students from over 182 nations have enrolled in correspondence courses from Peace Operations Training Institute so far.