CIMIC Key Leader Conference 2019

The CIMIC Key Leader Conference 2019 was conducted as cooperation between the CCOE, Allied Command Operations J9 and Albania at the Albanian Ministry of Defense.

Defense Deputy Minister of Albania, Dr. Petro Koçi, MGen Odd Egil Pedersen (DCOS Partnership Directorate, SHAPE) and BGen Tonin Marku (ACOS J9, SHAPE) opened the conference and welcomed 105 international guests.

The conference set the starting point for the NATO CIMIC Vision 2025. Civil Preparedness, Projecting Stability, Interoperability, Leadership and Personnel, CIMIC training and education are topics being discussed. The CCOE will create a midterm action matrix from the findings and hand it over to SHAPE J9.

The conference was a remarkable milestone kicking off a new development circle of the CIMIC joint capability in NATO.

We thank all participants for their support!

CIMIC Key Leader Conference 2019, Tirana Albania

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