NATO CIMIC Analysis and Assessment Course

The CIMIC Analysis and Assessment Concept demands for a corresponding training opportunity designed as an outcome-oriented course. Guided by experienced NATO staff, CIMIC specialists, and Subject Matter Experts, students will explore how to contribute to military decision-making by providing a comprehensive understanding of the Civil Environment. Therefore, students will acquire frameworks of analytic tools and techniques that will enable them to populate the CIMIC Estimate in favour of providing relevant and convincing CIMIC Analysis and Assessment (CIMIC A&A) products.

The NATO CIMIC Analysis and Assessment Course (NCAAC) raises awareness in detecting and countering biases in analytic processes and constitutes the necessity to employ Structured Analytic Techniques (SAT), by presenting a workflow to direct the CIMIC analysis, to collate and process information, and to disseminate CIMIC A&A products.

Subjects of the course

  • Exploring the Civil Environment in its complexity
  • Relating CIMIC and CMI Principles, Cross-Cutting Topics, a Gender Perspective, and Resilience through Civil Preparedness to CIMIC A&A
  • Recognising biases, heuristics and cognitive pitfalls that vitiate critical thinking
  • Utilising the CIMIC A&A Workflow
  • Applying SAT within the CIMIC A&A Workflow and scenarios
  • Recognising the Need-to-Know/Need-to-Share Spectrum and principles of Shared and Collaborative Analysis
  • Collecting data and information using Open Source Research
  • Detecting deception and verifying information
  • Assessing the impact of future developments
  • Visualising and disseminating CIMIC A&A Products

Prerequisites and target

  • Requested completion of NCSWC and desirable accomplishment of NCHCC
  • The course is open to officers, non-commissioned officers, and non-military professionals responsible for delivering CIMIC A&A and/or contributing to CIMIC A&A products
  • Rank Level: Officer (OF-1 - OF-5) and NCO (OR-5 - OR-9), and civilian equivalents from NATO member countries assigned to positions within NATO Command Structure, NATO Force Structure, agencies or organisations and national establishments involved in CIMIC A&A
  • Language Proficiency: Students must meet the following standards of proficiency in English (as described in STANAG 6001): 3/3/3/2


The NCAAC is conducted in two iterations per year. The duration is two weeks.

Tuition fee
Students from Sponsoring Nations: 395.00 Euro
Students from Non-Sponsoring Nations: 795.00 Euro