Modelling and Simulation (M&S)

Modelling and Simulation is one of the capabilities of Training & Education Branch (T&E). Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) competences (critical thinking, problem-solving, liaison) is boosted by testing them in contemporary environments (hybrid warfare, capacity building, collective defense and crisis-response). The aim of challenging our students is met by posing relevant questions and exercising the answers in simulations based upon real-life or NATO scenarios.

Supported by an experienced modelling and simulation contractor, a four-year project was conducted – and finished in 2020 – to create the basis for the modelling and simulation solutions, that the CCOE can provide today in our residential and additionally our satellite courses.

Given the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for online and remote solutions has been assessed and solutions are available tailor-made in order to support online training needs. This ranges from one-time support to recurring simulations.

Further development and adjustment to preserve a modern learning environment is our goal for the coming years.

Latest News

Modelling and Simulation at Joint Cooperation Exercise 2020

LTC Vogt of CCOE´s Training and Education Branch provides with the CIMIC Game a solution to create and conduct a game style simulation in a virtual environment to raise awareness of a resilience assessment in a pandemic scenario.

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Modelling and Simulation at Joint Cooperation Exercise 2019

Natalia Wojtowicz of CCOE´s Training and Education Branch provides with the CIMIC Game a specific simulation of multi-actor environment in pursuit of opposite goals.

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Field Worker/Staff Worker Course 2019

During NATO Field and Staff Worker Course, students have to experienced the challenges of CIMIC work in the Baltic States. In the framework of NATO Eastern Flank, Natalia Wojtowicz of CCOE´s Training and Education Branch provided a specific simulation of multi-actor environment in pursuit of opposite goals.

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Innovative research in the field of CIMIC

Since 2017, the CCOE has been cooperating with the Technical University in Delft to ensure the success of CIMIC Modelling and Simulation project.

Ms. Natalia Wojtowicz is leading the research at the University in Delft on the topic: Introducing Civilian Population into Wargaming: An Experimental Study and leads the CIMIC M&S project as a Subject Matter Expert of CCOE.

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New simulation supporting decision-making in Crisis Response Operations

CIMIC Modelling and Simulation introduced a new tool for decision-makers in Crisis-Response Operations: simulation called “Water bear”. By pairing civil and military planners efforts, the simulation has shown the challenges of working towards a common goal. In the case of a simulated crisis, the local population was represented and active in the coordination meetings. The interactive tool has combined the CIMIC skills and crisis scenario, leading to a multi-purpose training, concept and experimentation use. The following article showcases the establishment and development of Water bear simulation.

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During the last NATO CIMIC Liaison Course conducted in, CIMIC Modelling & Simulation (M&S) had executed the simulation with participants. Following the “Train, as you fight” motto, the simulation has been focused on everyday challenges of Liaison Officers.

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NATO Trilemma: M&S supporting projecting stability during Community of Interest in Rome

CIMIC Simulations will be represented in Rome, during the Community of Interest Conference (COIC), taking place between 14-16 May. Last week, on 18th of April, CCOE Lessons Learned Branch took part in the table-top exercise which will be the focus of Simulations syndicate in the upcoming COIC.

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Eyes on the prize: why are we training?

The simulation recognized the core task of NATO – collective defence and solidarity in response to various adversarial actions. The Eastern Flank of NATO has been reinforced with new structures, reflecting the importance of assurance and deterrence against all possible threats.

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CIMIC Modelling and Simulation (M&S) is currently developing the prototype of NATO Strategic Direction South wargame.

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Wargaming NATO Eastern Flank: asking the right questions

Wargaming is largely an intellectual exercise: posing dilemmas before we need to face them in reality. It needs to challenge notions, assumptions and ways of acting. It is about heads making decisions. The problem with NATO Eastern Flank is that we already prepared the answers.

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Since February 2017 a closer cooperation between the CCOE and the Technical University in Delft is ongoing. The common aims are the recognition of complex problems and innovative approaches for their solutions.

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