Career Airborne Ranger turns CIMIC at the CCOE

Sergeant Major Dirk Beckmann (OR-9 DEU – A, 48) has joined the CCOE on August 1, 2015. Assigned to the Training & Education Branch, he will apply his significant deployment experience to current and future CIMIC Training.

Entering the German Army in 1988, he has spent the length of his career in the Airborne Infantry. His first deployment was to Bosnia in 1997, followed by four tours of duty in Afghanistan. Those included the first German contingent to Kabul in 2002 and finished with mentoring elements of 209th ANA Corps in Kunduz during his latest deployment in 2013.

Beside his national branch and career related courses he completed the US Army Ranger Course (Class7-99) and the NATO Command Senior Enlisted Leader Course in the NATO environment.

He last served as Company First Sergeant in the Fallschirmjaegerbattalion 313 (Airborne Infantry) in Seedorf, Germany. In that function he was assigned to the Senior Enlisted Leader Advisory Group of the German Chief of Defence (CHOD).

Dirk is married and has one daughter.