Learning from each other – 2nd CIMIC Messenger in 2016

Picture1On June 18th 2016 the second CIMIC Messenger has been issued.

Several times per year, the CIMIC Messenger will inform the CIMIC family and our civilian partners, as well as the interested public, about both relevant and current issues pertaining to the world of CIMIC, Civil-Military Interaction (CMI) and the CCOE.


Dear CCOE staff and CMI stakeholders,

It is my personal privilege and pride to present you with the final CIMIC Messenger during my tenure as the Director of the CCOE. There will be more words and individual opportunities in the weeks to come, yet I would already like to take the opportunity to thank everyone involved for two fantastic and highly successful years at this outstanding NATO institution of excellence.

This edition will focus several of the key topics and projects which we have been advanced at the CCOE during the previous two years. The third and final report on the results of 2015 CMI survey by Joerg Warstat focusses on the way ahead in the universal application of CMI within NATO. Ed van de Bospoort then elaborates on the CCOE’s Lessons Learned Integration Project, enabling Military and external CMI stakeholders to learn from each other. Finally, Monica de Astis reports on the results of the CIMIC Community of Interest Seminar, which took place here at the CCOE in May. As always, each contributor and department is grateful for your feedback on the topics presented.

Colonel Roel Been
Director CCOE

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