NATO CIMIC LIAISON Satellite Course – Deterrence & Defense in Poland

Last week, from 22nd to 26th April 2024, marked the successful conclusion of the NATO CIMIC LIAISON Satellite Course – Deterrence & Defense at the Military Training Centre for Foreign Operations (MTCFO) in Kielce, Poland. The course reflects on the evolving geopolitical realities where collective defence is not just a theoretical concept but an operational imperative. Guided by the Course Director from the CCOE, Major Francesco DI GIAMPIETRO, highly motivated students representing NATO different Nations, after a first theoretical part they experimented communication techniques and a final meeting with the following Authorities of Poland:  Chęciny Municipality (Mayor Robert JAWORSKI and his Staff), Voivodship Police (Chief Commissioner Paweł KUNDERA and his Staff), Territorial Defence Force 10th Świętokrzyska Brigade (Commander Col. Sławomir MACHNIEWICZ and his S9 Staff).

The context of the meetings aligns closely with real-world scenarios where NATO CIMIC Forces could be called upon for deployment within NATO territory.

A pool of instructors formed by  Mr. Jan SABINIARZ (POL), OF-4 Jared MILLER and OF-2 Danyal BAKHSH (US Civil Affairs), OR-9 Massimo PENNA (ITA-MNCG), Mr. Richard Batarags (J-9 Latvia National Armed Forces Joint HQ) with the support of the OF-4 Pawel POLAK as a real life liaison officer, has enriched with unique insights and experiences the learning environment and training.