The CCOE changes its commander: Germany takes the lead

The commandership of Colonel Roel Been (NLD) at the Civil-Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence has come to an end. On Thursday 30 June 2016, Colonel Been will handover his responsibility to Colonel Wolfgang Paulik (GER).

Previously Chief of the Concepts, Interoperability, Capabilities (CIC) Branch, Colonel Paulik has been so far commander at the Centre for Civil-Military Cooperation of the German Armed Forces. Being the two main Sponsoring Nations, Germany and The Netherlands provide the commandership of the CCOE on a rotating basis.

On the occasion of the official event taking place in The Hague, distinguished guests from NATO, humanitarian organizations, the European Union, the Diplomatic Corps, the City of The Hague and senior officers of the Dutch, German and other Armed Forces will be hosted at the CCoE.