Disarmament Demobilisation and Reintegration

Colin Gleichmann, Michael Odenwald, Kees Steenken, Adrian Wilkinson

A Practical Field and Classroom Guide

(DDR Handbook French Version)

Teaching gender in the Military

Author: Democratic Control of Armed Forces

The handbook is a useful tool for gender experts, military instructors and educators. It is a comprehensive resource and guidance on what to teach and how to teach gender in the military and should ultimately serve as a support to the military teaching community, cultivate a network of experts and enhance further collabortaion between NATO and Partner Nations.

UN-CMCoord Field Handbook


United Nations
Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
Civil-Military Coordination Service (CMCS)
Palais des Nations
1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland


Civilian-Military Information Sharing Guidebook for Mission Planning in a Federated Mission Networking Environment

The CMIS Guidebook is provided for use by military forces when required to share information with civilians. The focus of the Guidebook is on the application of best practices during an operation where civilian entities are present and provide guidance for military information sharing with civilian entities.

Operational Concept for Civilian-Military Information Sharing in a  Federated Mission Networking Environment

This document was developed and written by the contributing nations and organizations of the Multinational Capability Development Campaign (MCDC) program community of interest.