NATO CIMIC Functional Specialist Course


The Military Functional Specialists have a vast experience in their civilian area of expertise. The aim of the NCFSC is to raise their knowledge about NATO CIMIC and to identify the interconnection between CIMIC and the different areas of civil expertise. At the conclusion of this course, the student is able to understand the implications of his or her work for the CIMIC environment, as well as the contribution of CIMIC to the overall mission as a vital part of a comprehensive approach in mission areas.


    • CIMIC assessments with functional aspects
    • Cultural aspects and its functional analysis
    • Functional advice to the commander
    • Operational environment and civil companies
    • CIMIC activities (e.g. project execution)
    • CIMIC Liaison
  • Interpersonal communication techniques


    • Language proficiency: Students must meet the following standards of proficiency in English (as described in STANAG 6001):
      listening – good/3, speaking – good/3, reading – good/3, writing – fair/2
    • ADL-Module is mandatory and needs to be successfully completed by the students before the NCFSC residential part.
  • Details about the ADL account will be forwarded after registration to the course.


The NCFSC will be conducted in 3 iterations per year. The duration is 1 week.



Students from Sponsoring Nations: 140.00 Euro
Students from Non-Sponsoring Nations: 275.00 Euro