This e-learning course is considered to be the entry to the world of NATO CIMIC. CCOE offers free access for everybody at no cost. The content is tailored to individual needs and the students decide when and where to follow this course.

The NCAC can be processed within a day or split up into several sections. The purpose of this course is to provide comprehensive awareness and basic knowledge of NATO CIMIC & CMI for anyone (potentially) involved in CIMIC & CMI activities, or for those who have a vested interest in CIMIC & CMI activities.

Subjects of the course

  • The role of CIMIC & CMI within NATO operations and its contribution in a Comprehensive Approach (CA)
  • The purpose and the core functions of CIMIC
  • CIMIC & CMI responsibilities and operational CIMIC & CMI tasks
  • The interaction with all parties within a conflict
  • CIMIC & CMI relations to other staff functions
  • CIMIC & CMI contribution to the military planning and the Decision Making Process (DMP)
  • CIMIC & CMI contribution to associated and other concepts (Civil Emergency Planning (CEP), Host Nations Support (HNS), Military Assistance in Humanitarian Emergencies (MAHE))
  • Relation between CIMIC & CMI and Strategic Communication (StratCom)
  • The purpose of CIMIC projects in a Comprehensive Approach (CA)
  • The CIMIC & CMI contribution to the joint assessment process including the CIMIC Special Interest Assessment
  • The relevance of cultural awareness from the CIMIC & CMI perspective and the importance of the assessment of local economic and social systems

Access to the online-training

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