Countering Hybrid Threats Seminar

This week from 9-12 January the Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC), Operational Environment (OE), Mobile Training Team (MTT) conducted the "Countering Hybrid Threats" seminar at the CCOE in the Hague. In addition to the CCOE staff members, members of the Multinational CIMIC Command (MN CIMIC CMD) also attended.

This seminar provides an overview of Russian New Generation Warfare (NGW) using Crimea as a case study. During the seminar, instructors drew comparisons to the implementation of NGW at the tactical level in a current theater of operations and made a connection to the current war in Ukraine.

This seminar is another important step in building and maintaining a strong and fruitful international cooperation between the CCOE, 7th ATC and JMRC.

(Photos: CCOE PAO/ A. Döhring)