Visit of an delegation from Lebanon

This week, a delegation of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and the Lebanese CIMIC Directorate visited the CCOE.
The LAF is working on full integration of CIMIC in their Army structures. Although the focus of the LAF is on the so-called Homeland CIMIC. The CCOE (with an expeditionary focus) is a preferred partner of the CIMIC Directorate to support this development. The focus of the visit was on the development of their own “Homeland CIMIC Centre of Excellence” which will have a regional focus.
This development is in line with the ambition of the Dutch government in this region. They have funded and asked Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance (DCAF) to take care of this project. The CCOE is an advisory Subject Matter Expert in this.
Next to the CCOE the NLD Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NLD Ministry of Defense International Military Cooperation, NLD 13th Brigade, the security region Rotterdam-Rijnmond, and CIMIC experts from NLD, GER, and the UK shared their knowledge and insights.
The next step in the collaboration of LAF CIMIC and CCOE will be an exercise in late 2022 in Lebanon.