Visit to the 353rd Civil Affairs Command

Visiting friends - The CCOE visits the 353 Civil Affairs Command

Between June 18 and June 22, 2024, members of three branches of the CCOE visited the 353rd Civil Affairs Command in Staten Island, USA. As part of this visit the CCOE hosted the third iteration of the European Mission Preparation Course for US Civil Affairs forces at Fort Wadsworth.

With the support of our specialist for table top exercises and wargaming, Mr. Diederik Stolk, a total of 28 soldiers were trained and prepared for their upcoming deployment in Europe.

This time, in addition to topics such as Introduction to NATO CIMIC, Comprehensive Approach, NATO CIMIC, Resilience in NATO etc., the Roadshow on the revision of the Allied Joint Publication 3.19 was also part of the training.

At the end of the visit, the CCOE had the honour of attending an awards and retirement ceremony, led by Brig. Gen. Dean Thompson and Command Sgt. Maj. Clifford K. Lo.

The retirement ceremony honoured several U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers to include Col. Mark N. Baaden, Lt. Col. Matthew C. Pellegrini, Lt. Col. Matthew N. Gulliver III, Lt. Col. Norberto Carrasquillo, and Master Sgt. Eric N. Krook, who have dedicated more than 135 years of combined military service.

In addition, Col. Mark N. Baaden, a former chief of staff with the 353rd Civil Affairs Command, and Col. Stephen Ryan, a former officer with the 353rd Civil Affairs Command, were presented a General Winfield Scott Medallion for their contributions to the promotion and advancement of the Civil Affairs Regiment.

The members of the CCOE, Captain Degener, Captain Dyka and Mr. Stolk were awarded a certificate of appreciation in this context.

The visit is a further step in the cooperation of the CCOE and United States of America Civil Affairs forces.