Command Post Exercise (CPX) MILEX 19

From the 4 Nov to the 15 Nov 2019 the EU Crisis Management Military Exercises MILEX -19 took place at Larissa/Greece. This year also CCOE participate at the EU exercise with its two CIMIC experts. The aim of this exercise is to further enhance the EU military capacity to respond to external conflict and crisis within the EU Integrated Approach, concentrating on the decision-making and planning of a CSDP Military Operation. This exercise focused on the interaction between the EU Operational Headquarters (OHQ), the EU Force Headquarters (FHQ) and EU Military Staff.

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The nowadays recognitions show us that European Union needs to be able to carry out its role in the field of crisis management, effectively and therefore, ensures that its structures procedures and arrangements are properly and continuously tested and validated. This is performed through exercises, aiming at achieving appropriate readiness and efficient functioning, in the case of future crisis. Such exercises can also point out possible requirements for additional capabilities. Hence, exercises contribute substantially to the effectiveness of the European Security Defence Policy.

At the exercise a substantial stress was laid on the CIMIC and its contribution to the crisis management process. The CCOE personnel were positioned in CJ9 branch as an observer and as an augmentee. Their expertise was very well accepted among the CJ9 training audience and had positive impact on the accomplishment of the CIMIC Crisis Response Planning.