Updating the CIMIC Library – 1st CIMIC Messenger in 2016

messenger BildOn March 30th 2016 the first CIMIC Messenger for 2016 has been issued.

Several times per year, the CIMIC Messenger will inform the CIMIC family and our civilian partners, as well as the interested public, about both relevant and current issues pertaining to the world of CIMIC, Civil-Military Interaction (CMI) and the CCOE.

In the last Messenger we informed you on the conducted CMI-survey for the CIMIC Military Committee Policy 411/2 operationalization. In these Messenger we report about the next step, the CMI Workshop, organized in Nov 2015, at the CCOE. The final Workshop report has been handed over to SHAPE J9 for implementation and further action. The CIMIC Field Handbook provides tactical reference and an operational command insight for CIMIC operators. The CCOE published a new version, as small hard copy pocket as well as eBook version, recently. Finally the next step forward towards a Master degree of Civil-Military Interaction (M-CMI) is done.

Read a Workshop report and learn more about the updated CIMIC Field Handbook as well as the progress of the M-CMI in that issue.

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