24 international organizations signing Cooperation Statement at Common Efforts 2015

CCOE Director Colonel Roel Been participated at “Common Efforts 2015” taking place in Berlin from 18 to 22 May 2015. At this exercise, intended to build effective interaction between civil and military organizations, German Secretary of Defence, Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen addressed the international audience. “You’re the living proof that diversity brings comprehensive solutions for difficult challenges” the Secretary said.

Common Effort is the yearly exercise of 1 German Netherlands Corps to train the various aspects of the Comprehensive Approach before and during missions. Civil-Military Interaction is the key to activate this. The Secretary challenged the audience: “How can we face crises in an earlier phase? How can we act sooner? How do we get better in prevention before nations fall into failed states?”

On the occasion of the exercise 24 representatives of divers military, civilian, aid and governmental organizations including Director CCOE Been signed a declaration to build relevant networks as framework for the Common Effort Community. Read German coverage and see videos (German and English) on: http://goo.gl/yaSNvV or see the Facebook page of 1 GNC https://www.facebook.com/1GNC.org.