25th Coordinating Committee (CC) meeting held at the CCOE

On the 7th and 8th of November, the 25th Coordinating Committee (CC) meeting was held at the CCOE. Sponsoring Nations (SN) and representatives from the two strategic HQs of NATO, ACT and SHAPE, were present to review this year's Program of Work (PoW) and decide on the one for 2024, including the associated resources.

Led by Col Bertil van Geel (NLD Air Force), Chair of the CCOE CC 2023, intensive discussions were held, and valuable advice and recommendations were received to improve the activities and products. Besides that, the full coverage of responsibilities and privileges as SNs of Slovenia as of January 1st 2024, was acknowledged by the CC,  which allows the CCOE to raise the flag of Slovenia again in front of the building.  Additionally, a delegation from USEUCOM participated as observers. They followed the meeting procedures and statements of nations and NATO representatives to gain a better feeling of how the coordination between nations, NATO representatives and the CCOE works out. The already strong mutual cooperation between US civil affairs and the CCOE was touched, and explanations about the ambition to move forward on the way of sponsorship were well received by the CC.

At the very end of the CC meeting, the chairmanship was transferred from the Netherlands to Poland for 2024.

The DIR of the CCOE, Col (GS) Andreas Eckel, concluded that these intensive and productive days underlined the strong support from SNs and NATO for the CCOE and its mission. 2024 can come!

Pictures by PAO CCOE