CCOE’s Mobile Training Team meets General Thompson at Fort Wadsworth, New York

On Sunday, Lieutenant Colonel Vogt and Captain Dyka from CCOE’s Mobile Training Team got to meet with Brigadier General Thompson at Fort Wadsworth, New York to discuss the upcoming course starting today at the 353rd Civil Affairs Command (CACOM).

The United States Army Reserve 353rd Civil Affairs Command's task is to organize, train, and equip assigned Civil Affairs forces to mobilize, deploy, conduct civil military operations, and redeploy in order to support Geographic Combatant Commander mission requirements with focus on the US Africa and US European Command areas of responsibility.

The meeting with the Commanding General, his staff and the CCOE-Team was used to finalize the adjustment of the mission preparation course to cater to their specific training needs. In addition, the further cooperation opportunities between the CCOE and Civil Affairs were explored. Finally future synchronisation on training and instructor support between the 353rd CACOM as well as the path of the United States becoming a Sponsoring Nation of the CCOE were explored. The members of the CCOE highly appreciated the time and open exchange of ideas by General Thompson and his staff.