CIMIC Handbook working group

From the 28th Nov to the 30th Nov the 1st Session of the Working group for the revision of the CIMIC Handbook is conducted.

Hosted by the CCOE, Members of the MNCG, LANDCOM, DEU MN CIMIC CMD, NLD 1st CMI CMD, and POL MTCFO are working together with CCOE Staff on the revision of the CIMIC HANDBOOK.

The Main effort of this kick off session is to adopt the structure and the content of the Handbook to the dynamics in the security environment and the related changes with the NATO policy-, doctrine-, and publication landscape.

CCOE's Concepts, Interoperability, Capabilities Branch is in the lead for the documents holistic review and appreciates the contribution of the external participants. That ensures that the new product is developed in line with the requirements of the practitioners.