Cultural Property Protection Scripting Workshop

With 21 participants from BEL, FIN, FRA, ITA, NLD, GBR, GER, POL, SWE, CAN, USA (from military and civilian Institution) the CPP Scripting Workshop started today in close collaboration with Blue Shield International and  1 CMI Command.

In the wake of the recent upsurge in political interest in safeguarding cultural heritage in the event of armed conflict many signatory states to the 1954 Hague Convention, as well as the NATO Alliance, now regard CPP as an implied military task to be factored into operational plans. Proactive CPP has the potential to enhance operational effectiveness in general. In particular, well judged CPP planning should promote freedom of manoeuvre, the maintenance of a chosen tempo of operations, and create conditions for positive STRATCOM opportunities; CPP is a mission enabler, not a drag on operational efficiency. But this requires a degree of specialist input to operational planning from the outset, raising questions about how CPP should be factored into both individual and collective training, beyond general awareness. Aim The aims of this workshop are to share good practice and experience, and develop expertise in providing cultural property protection exercise support, building on collective training experience during NATO and Allied exercises.