Director CCOE visit CIMIC Personal in Hungary

The Director of the CCOE, Colonel (GS) Andreas Eckel, accompanied by the HUN Senior National Representative and Deputy Branch Chief Concepts, Interoperability, Capabilities (CIC) Lieutenant Colonel Janos Fekete, visited Hungary on the 19th and 20th of April to foster the relationship with the sponsoring nation and the CIMIC entities in Hungary and to attend the ongoing CIMIC training course. For the CCOE, it is extremely important to maintain close contact with the sponsoring nations and to build and maintain a good working relationship with national specialists. To achieve these goals Director Colonel Eckel made a one-day visit. Representatives of the CIMIC field in Hungary were in focus. During the programme, a meeting was held with Colonel Gábor Hangya (HDF General Staff, Strategic Communication Branch, Branch Chief) and with Major Atanas Atanasov (NFIU HUN J3 CIMIC SO).

After the discussion, the Director also took part in the handover-takeover ceremony of the commander position of the HDF Cyber Command and Information in Szentendre. After the ceremony, the director visited the ongoing NATO CIMIC Fieldworker and Staffworker Course (NCFWSWC) where in his speech to the students, he thanked the soldiers for their active participation and emphasized the importance of the student's feedback, which greatly contributes to the further development of the training. After the visit of the course, he met the newly signed commander, where Lieutenant Colonel László Polyecskó informed him about the structure and operation of the unit.