FOGO Champion visits the CCOE

On August 30th the Brigadier General Gauthier visited the CCOE. The brigadier general is from the Staff Element Europe of the NATO strategic level Headquarters Allied Command Transformation (ACT), collocated with the Allied Command Operations (ACO) in Mons.  

Brigadier General Gauthier acts as the so called Flag Officer/General Officer (FOGO) Champion for the CIMIC discipline at ACT and plays an important role in how Centres of Excellence (COE) operate.

FOGO Champions act as the strategic point of contact for direction and guidance ensuring that COE activities are in line with ACT's Warfare Development Agenda. This includes offering high-level advice and support for COE projects and other NATO related issues. Their agenda is populated with topics like:

  • collaboration with COEs,
  • leveraging  subject matter experts (SMEs),
  • providing feedback on products for potential elevation to NATO status,
  • ensuring coherence with Alliance priorities,
  • participating in key COE events,
  • many more

During the visit information on the situation at the CCOE and its current projects as well as the latest developments at ACT were exchanged. This visit affirms the important and strong relationship that the CCOE has with ACT and our commitment to the goals of the Alliance and its transformational campaign to prepare the Alliance for the future.