Veritas et Libertas!

As proof of the close cooperation between the NATO Civil-Military Cooperation Centre of Excellenc (CCOE) and the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School in the USA, the CCOE's Training and Education Branch (in Person Major Rob Ebbers, NLD A) recently supported the Civil Affairs Captains Career Course at Fort Bragg, NC from 15 May until 26 May 2023.  This cooperation is an essential milestone in strengthening the relationship between our institutions and in promoting civil-military collaboration.

The Civil Affairs Captains Career Course is designed to prepare officers for assignments within the US Army Civil Affairs Branch. Thirty-seven students from various branches of the US Army are advancing their careers in the Civil Affairs Branch, recognising its critical importance to military operations and stability efforts worldwide. The CCOE looks forward to working with these officers in the near future as they bring their unique experiences and skills to the table.

As we congratulate the students on their career move, we should remember the core values of Veritas et Libertas - Truth and Freedom. These values serve as guiding principles for all those involved in civil-military cooperation and underscore the importance of transparent communication, mutual understanding and the pursuit of a safer and more prosperous world.

We wish the students every success in the US Army Civil Affairs Department and look forward to working closely with them to pursue our common goals. Together we can make a difference and build a better future

Picture : PAO Fort Bragg