CCOE attends the COE Marketplace 2024

Last week, CCOE participated in the COE-Marketplace organized by ACT at NATO HQ in Brussels. This two-day event is aimed to inform NATO leadership and its international (military) staff about the expertise, support and advice the 30 Centres of Excellence (COEs) provide in support of NATO. 

The marketplace was well visited by a diverse public visiting NATO HQ, often recognizing the relevance of Civil-Military Cooperation in their own line of work. This gave CCOE a good opportunity to present itself and bring the developments in CIMIC doctrine, concepts, tools, training, and evaluations to a broad, interested audience. The marketplace was also an excellent place for COEs to meet face-to-face. CCOE took the opportunity to reach out to the other COEs and to connect to their fields of expertise. The range of their expertise is broad: from operations in the different domains or operational functions (Intell/HUMINT, C-IED, MEDOPS, Stability Policing, Stratcom), to expertise on specific topics like Climate Change and Resilience. Almost all other COEs connect to the civil environment somehow, making it worthwhile to work together to develop expertise, doctrine, and training opportunities. 

The COE marketplace provided a valuable opportunity to present the CCOE’s work, inform NATO HQ leadership and staff about our contribution to NATO, meet an interested audience, and develop working relationships with other COEs.

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