Hague University Students kick-off the development of several wargames about CIMIC

On the 24th of february, acting CCOE T&E Chief Branch Lt Col Pawel Polak and modelling and simulation SME Diederik Stolk visited the Hague University of Applied Sciences to kick-start the development of several wargames about the role of CIMIC in a crisis and war fighting situation. Three groups of students will develop these wargames as prototypes over the coming few months. By the end of May, they will have to present their wargames to CCOE staff. With some hard work, good guidance and a bit of luck, their wargames can be used in future CCOE courses.

In addition to receiving guidance and feedback from Lt Col Polak and Stolk (CIV), the students were also mentored by Natalia Wojtowicz, an experienced wargamer and former colleague from the CCOE, as well as (former) humanitarian Tessa de Rijck van der Gracht from the Hague University. Each group's representatives received a briefing on potential scenarios, CIMIC doctrine, and the teaching methods used at the CCOE to kick-start their game development. Their presentation was well-received!