Human Security Conference Vicenza 2023

Last week, from June 19th to June 22nd, a Human Security Conference was held in the picturesque city of Vicenza, Italy. The conference was organized by the NATO Stability Policing Centre of Excellence. Throughout the event, numerous thought-provoking lectures and engaging discussions underscored the significance of integrating the Human Security Approach into NATO's operations. The CCOE actively participated in this conference, with Major Rullens, a staff officer from the Concepts, Interoperability, Capabilities (CIC) Branch, representing the organization.

Supporting the Alliance's efforts to uphold the rule of law and ensure human security is of utmost importance. By incorporating human security as both an objective and guiding principle, NATO can promote a people-centered approach at all levels. This concept transcends conventional security approaches by acknowledging that individuals are at the core of security. It entails safeguarding and empowering individuals and communities, enabling them to lead lives characterized by dignity, freedom, and absence of fear. Recognizing the diverse impact of various factors on women, men, girls, and boys is essential to upholding human security and human rights.

Separate from the Human Security Conference, during her visit to Vicenza, Major Rullens was honored with a service medal by Colonel Paulo Gonçalves, the commander of the European Gendarmerie Force (EUROGENDFOR). This esteemed recognition was bestowed upon her for dedicated service as a member of EUROGENDFOR at the Permanent Headquarters in Vicenza, Italy.