Exercise Joint Cooperation 2023

The Exercise Joint Cooperation 2023 took place from 19 – 30 June 2023 at the Multinational CIMIC Command in Nienburg (MNCCMD). This is one of the most valuable CIMIC exercises for Staff- and Fieldworkers. Therefore a highly dedicated and motivated evaluation staff is necessary to observe and evaluate the Training Audience (TA). The Training Audience deserves evaluators that are fully trained and experienced in NATO CIMIC or Civil Affairs (CA). Highly equipped evaluators will enhance the training value of this exercise and provide the TA with tools and insights so that they can improve their overall performance in future exercises or deployments. The multinational character of JOCO is in itself a force multiplier. Learning and experience working in a multinational environment will also enhance the ability to be effective as a CIMICer in multinational operations. 


Composition: The Multinational CIMIC Command (MN CIMIC CMD) is again supported by the Exercise Evaluation (EXEVAL) staff. This staff consists of qualified evaluators from several countries (10). The contributing countries are Belgium, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia and the USA. A student of the OTH Regensburg also supported EXEVAL. The CCOE provided the head of evaluation.

Pictures by PAO CCOE
Text: LTC Pawel