Interview with MCMI Graduate

We reached out to former student and graduate Philipp to ask him about his experience during the MCMI programme. Here is what he had to say!

Philipp, Graduate 2022

Why did you decided to enroll in the MCMI programme?

I am a friend of "lifelong learning". During my service in the German Armed Forces, I was quite often deployed abroad for long periods. I wanted to reflect on these experiences scientifically and immediately decided to enroll in the newly established part-time programme Master of Arts in Civil-Military Interaction. I think civil-military interaction is a very important but not simple task as it is of high strategic importance. Therefore, it would be very commendable if the MCMI course could continue to establish itself and give methodical impulses to the armed forces and civil organizations.

What experiences stood out the most for you during your studies?

Certainly the seminars at the Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg and at the CCOE in The Hague. Both are fantastic cities with a special flair, and studying there was fun. In general, I was able to get to know many new, interesting fellow students, comrades, and lecturers with different interests and approaches. You can build a great personal network.

What do you do now and how did you benefit from your degree? 

I am employed at Traversals Analytics & Intelligence GmbH as Senior Business Development Manager. We are a young German technology start-up that specializes in using artificial intelligence (AI) and disruptive approaches to optimize publicly available information (OSINT) for situational awareness and crisis management for government organizations, commercial enterprises, and disaster protection organizations. The MCMI gave me a lot of ideas that I can now implement in Traversals. For example, we have begun to include categories such as "Cultural Property Protection" in our system. This means we monitor damage, destruction, or illegal trade in tangible and intangible cultural assets worldwide in over 120 languages.