Modelling and Simulation in 2020

Since last year it was a bit quiet around this topic. One of the reasons was a switch in personnel. Our former colleague and contractor Natalia Wojtowicz finalized her posting in the CCOE and handed the M&S torch to LTC Vogt. One of the latest news regarding M&S is tied to the Joint. Cooperation (JOCO) exercise in Nienburg, where LTC Vogt had the pleasure to be invited as a lecturer for M&S. He also hosted the pandemic-driven simulation “CIMIC-GAME”. The aim was to create and conduct a game style simulation in a virtual environment to raise awareness of a resilience assessment (in the context of the seven baseline requirements (BLR)) in a pandemic scenario.

See the graphic below for more details on the 7 BLRs


 Source: CIMIC Handbook


A better understanding of the concept of resilience is critical. By applying the resilience in various stages of a mission, the participants will face changing circumstances during the simulation and will have to adapt their assessment.

LTC Vogt was broadcasting his lecture and hosting the game from his home in The Netherlands. Following the motto “Necessity is the mother of invention.“ he built himself a small studio to assure the best possible quality for his listeners and viewers.

 Be it from a Virtual Classroom or inside his own presentation: LTC Vogt as always on top.