NATO CIMIC Analysis & Assessment Course 02-2023

Taking the challenge of integrating the Civil Factors of the Operating Environment – Students are exploring the NATO CIMIC Analysis and Assessment Course

On Monday, 30 October 2023, the director of the Civil-Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence (CCOE), Colonel Andreas Eckel, welcomed the students of the second NATO CIMIC Analysis and Assessment Course (NCAAC).

This course serves an integral part of the CCOE curriculum. It builds on the knowledge obtained from the NATO CIMIC Staff Worker and NATO CIMIC Higher Command Courses. The course is aimed at building the students’ knowledge and skillsets to understand the civil factors of the Operating Environment and incorporating this knowledge into all NATO core tasks through CIMIC Analysis and Assessment (CIMIC A&A) activities.

After an introduction to the latest and future developments within the field of CIMIC, the students are taking their first steps into the world of analysis by exploring the CIMIC A&A workflow, its phases, and subsequent tasks. While exploring the A&A process, the NCAAC students are getting familiarised with numerous Structured Analytic Techniques (SAT). These techniques are building the student’s capability to provide robust, concise and incontestable advice related to the civil factors of the Operating Environment, also known as the Civil Environment (CE).

The course will also expand on Publicly Available Information (PAI), Open Source Information (OSIF), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), helping to boost the efficiency of CIMIC A&A and the development of quality CIMIC A&A products.

Thirteen students representing eight different countries are taking the opportunity to discover new ground and expand their individual portfolio of knowledge and skills in favour of adding more value to their international or national CIMIC headquarters and units.

The CCOE is looking forward to new learning moments in the coming days.