NATO Military Strategic Partnership Conference

From 8 – 12 April, LTC Onno van den Heuvel and SGM Ralf Gers from CCOE’s Training and Education (T&E) branch participated in the NATO Military Strategic Partnership Conference (MSPC) in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. The NATO Military Strategic Partnership Conference plays a crucial role in promoting stability, security, and defense cooperation among NATO members and partner nations and contributing to the Alliance's overarching core tasks of collective deterrence and defense, crisis prevention, and cooperative security.

This week-long conference takes place annually, is an event organized by NATO SHAPE Partnership Directorate and brings together representatives from NATO International Staff, International Military Staff, NATO Command Structure, other NATO entities, and partner nations. The conference serves as a platform for sharing best practices, enhancing cooperation, and strengthening partnerships among participating nations.

During the conference, attendees are engaged in discussions on a wide range of topics, including capacity building, interoperability, joint exercises and operations, emerging security challenges, and regional security issues. Parallel to this conference an exhibition took place where NATO Education and Training Facilities (NETF), Centers of Excellence (COE), Partnership Training and Education Centers (PTEC) and other NATO-accredited Education and Training Facilities (ETF), were offered the opportunity to promote their institution, to present their course landscape, and to training opportunities.

This was also an excellent opportunity to network with NATO and other partners working in the T&E arena. An opportunity that the CCOE was happy to take, to present its own products to the various NATO and other partners, and to promote the CCOE to a wider audience.