NATO CIMIC Awareness Course

Current measures to counter the COVID-19 pandemic have significantly impacted NATO’s Education & Individual Training, including the CIMIC & CMI (Civil-Military Cooperation & Civil-Military Interaction) training landscape. As a result, the CCOE is working on new advanced distributed training solutions to ensure continuity in training despite this situation. The NATO CIMIC Awareness Course is a further step towards modern and flexible online training solutions.

On 1st of June 2020, the CCOE has launched its new NATO CIMIC Awareness Course. The Advanced Distributed Learning course consists of three modules, introducing NATO’s Joint Function Civil-Military Cooperation in about 90 minutes. It is available on our e-learning area, open to everyone and free of charge.

Based on the Allied Joint Publication (AJP) 3.19, CCOE’s CIMIC Handbook and latest publications about NATO’s Cross-Cutting Topics, the NATO CIMIC Awareness Course provides CIMIC newcomers with basic knowledge and understanding of the Joint Function. It serves as a common entry point for all students planning to attend a CIMIC course at the CCOE, its Sponsoring Nations or at the NATO School Oberammergau. It further offers students with a vested interest in Civil-Military Cooperation, a platform to learn more about NATO CIMIC.

Three modules are guiding the student through the background, nature and focus of CIMIC. They explain the Joint Function’s role as the facilitator of CMI and within a Comprehensive Approach. They outline all three CIMIC core functions and introduce CIMIC related capabilities, staff functions and Cross-Cutting Topics.

The course’s reference to the AJP 3.19 familiarizes students with the important CIMIC & CMI doctrine. At the same time, abstracts from the CCOE Handbook provide practical examples of how to conduct CIMIC & CMI activities. References to NATO and United Nations publications on Cross-Cutting Topics provide interested students with additional information and reading material.

The online NATO CIMIC Awareness Course is not only an opportunity for newcomers to the CIMIC community to learn about the Joint Function Civil-Military Cooperation. It is also, CCOE’s first initiative to meet the current and increased demand for online courses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The cancellation of NATO courses has occurred at a critical time of year when many Education and Training Facilities (ETFs) are preparing personnel for the summer NATO rotation” (Interim Guidance to Education and Training Facilities Regarding Advanced Distributed Learning, paragraph 1, ACT, 04 May 2020).

Author: Leonie Stapelfeldt, T&E