Experience the interplay between military operations and the civil environment

The NATO CIMIC Analysis and Assessment Course (NCAAC) actively trains students to become proficient contributors to military decision-making by deeply understanding the Civil Environment. This course is run two time a year by the Civil-Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence (CCOE). Led by proficient NATO staff and subject matter experts, students delve into frameworks, tools, and techniques to generate impactful CIMIC Analysis and Assessment (CIMIC A&A) products.  

In cooperation with Mr. Diederik Stolk, the CCOE has developed ANALYSIA, a unique war-game supporting the learning process of the NCAAC students. ANALYSIA enables participants to experience the interplay between military operations and the civil environment. In this CIMIC war-game, participants build their own world and, through a series of challenges, engage with key Analysis and Assessment concepts from different perspectives at the operational level, e.g., military, host nation, civil society/international community, and the adversary.