Preparations for the NATO tailored CIMIC Liaison Course in Latvia

The preparation phase for NATO tailored CIMIC Liaison Course for NATO Troops in Article 4/5 has now concluded. This essential training is set to take place at the Navy Training Centre in Liepaja, Latvia, under the guidance of the CCOE Course Director, Major Francesco Di Giampietro and in collaboration with Mr Richard Batarags Host Nation Course Director, Latvian Armed Forces J9.

Given the current security landscape on NATO’s Eastern flank, the present challenges underscore the urgent relevance for such training, emphasizing the crucial role in fostering preparedness and resilience in these uncertain times.

The context for this training aligns closely with real-world scenarios where NATO CIMIC Forces could be called upon for deployment within NATO territory. The course reflects on the evolving geopolitical realities where collective defence is not just a theoretical concept but an operational imperative.

Therefore, the objective of this course extends beyond simply preparing troops for potential NATO CIMIC Force deployments. The course aims to foster a paradigm shift in the mindset, altering the conventional perspective of operations within and outside of NATO territory. A crucial aspect of this training involves fostering robust military-to-military liaison to enhance a common operational language with the NATO host nation, thereby improving mutual understanding and cooperation.

The instructors from Canada, Latvia, Italy, Germany the US, and are looking forward  to welcome a diverse group of 24 highly motivated students representing eight different nations - Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Latvia, the Netherlands, and USA. The course participants, both military and civilian, represent the different capabilities and perspectives. They will begin this one-week course starting on June 5th.