4th Iteration of Resilience through Civil Preparedness Course (RtCPC)

In line of its Program of Work, the CCOE Training and Education Branch took up the challenge to organize and run the 4th Iteration of the Resilience through Civil Preparedness Course (RtCPC).The course is running from Monday 18th MAR 24 to Friday 22nd MAR 24 at the Majoor Jan Linzel Complex (MJLC) – CCOE , in Den Haag, NLD and includes civilian and military participants from eight nations (DEU, DNK, GBR, ITA, JPN, NLD, TUR, and USA).

The course aims to deliver knowledge and skills on RtCP, filling identified gaps in the NATO training and education landscape specified by the requirement authority (SHAPE ACOS J9). The course provides students with an understanding of the various approaches and aspects of resilience. The course exposes students to the complex relations between the Civil Preparedness core tasks and their associated baseline requirements and highlights how these are taken into consideration in present-day analysis of the Civil Environment and its incorporation in operational planning.

The course will also continue to provide a venue to expose students to ongoing NATO conceptual developments in the area of Layered Resilience, which is a function of Civil Resilience through Civil Preparedness and Military Resilience through Military Capacity. It will also enable students to help develop work on Interdependencies between the Resilience layers and the emerging Day Zero Integration (DZI) concept that seeks to enhance civil-military interaction.

The course benefits from a cadre of very experienced coaches and subject-matter-experts (SME) who are instrumental in providing instruction, guidance and facilitation throughout the conduct of the course. The cadre includes: Mr. Jan Sabiniarz, Mr. Tony Icayan, Mr. Ian Birdwell, OF4 Dr. Thorsten Heber, Ms. Bozhidara Kiryakowa, Mr. Pawel Pieniazek, Dr. Piotr Lubinski, and Mr. Slawomir Lazarek.

Course Director OF4 Pawel Polak (CCOE T&E Deputy Branch Chief) led the development, preparation and execution of this important course and personally ensured its level, quality, and student satisfaction.

Picture: CD/CCOE