Resilience Through Civil Preparedness Course 2023

The 2023 edition of the Resilience through Civil Preparedness course is coming to a close. On Monday, the director welcomed incoming students to the course. For five days, twenty civilian and military experts from eleven different nations participated in challenging and modern scenarios in order to enhance their understanding of the various aspects of resilience within their respective areas of responsibility, as well as the relations between civil preparedness and improved operational effectiveness. Course Director LTC Pawel Polak and Senior Instructor and course designer LTC (ret.) Jan Sabiniarz ensured that the course fully covered all aspects of the broad multi-domain concept of resilience. This year, the course was supported by a strong subject matter team from Allied Command Transformation, led by Capt. (N) John Benfield. Within the framework of the course, Allied Command Transformation organized a workshop where students brainstormed ideas to help develop future concepts of NATO layered resilience

Photos by PAO CCOE