Successful Signing Ceremony of the Cooperation Agreement Between the CCOE and Leiden University

On 24 November a High-Level panel discussion on the occasion of the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between the Civil-Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence (CCOE) and Leiden University took place at Campus The Hague. Colonel Andreas Eckel signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of the CCOE fully backed up by the sponsoring nations (Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, The Netherlands, and Poland).

The Role of Civil-Military Cooperation

In order to advance mutually beneficial exchanges and cooperation at the intersection of research and practice, the CCOE and the Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA) and the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs (FGGA) of Leiden University have agreed to establish an extensive cooperation agreement.

Fantastic opportunities

Joachim Koops, Scientific Director of ISGA on the cooperation agreement: 'I am extremely happy that ISGA and the NATO CCOE have signed this comprehensive MoU. It will offer our researchers fantastic opportunities for cooperation in matters ranging from tackling hybrid conflict, disinformation, new forms of conflict as well as human security. It will give our students excellent education and internship opportunities and will provide the policy-making community with strong joint policy-oriented impact. The MoU continues to strengthen ISGA as the to-go place for both theory-guided and policy-relevant research and education and I am excited about the next steps in working together with the many talented colleagues at the CCOE!'

Different perspectives

At the occasion of the official signing of the cooperation agreement, different perspectives on NATO’s role in European and Global Security in the context of civil-military cooperation approaches were explored by: 

  • Colonel Andreas Eckel (Director, CCOE)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Mark Friebel (Head of the Civil Military Coordination Directorate of Operations, Dutch Ministry of Defence)
  • Professor Joachim Koops (Scientific Director, ISGA)
  • Commander Caecilia Johanna van Peski, MSc., PgD., (Chairperson, DEU/NLD Military Mobility Office in Ulm, Germany)

The event was moderated by Dr. Silvia D’Amato, Assistant Professor of Terrorism and Political Violence/War, Peace and Justice, ISGA.