NATO CIMIC & CMI Training Requirement Analysis

LTC Rene Daalman, SHAPE ACOS J9In January 2021, under the lead of SHAPE ACOS J9 BG Lebrun and LTC Rene Daalman, the Director of the CCOE, COL van Boxmeer, and the CCOE’s Branch Chief Training & Education, LTC Jan Brouwer, hosted the NATO CIMIC & CMI Training Requirement Analysis Review at Operational Level.

Within NATO’s Global Programming, a Training Requirement Analysis (TRA) defines discipline-specific performance requirements for personnel working in a NATO environment. Performance requirements derive from NATO specific tasks, covering both operations as well as occupations within NATO’s Force and Command Structure. Focusing on tasks unique to a NATO environment, these performance requirements fill the gap between national duties and NATO’s scope of work. Naturally, these requirements are closely linked to NATO job descriptions and guide the development of NATO education and training.

LTC Jan Brouwer, Branch Chief T&E, CCOE

At the center of every TRA lies a matrix, outlining the discipline’s performance requirements from political to tactical level and indicating the proficiency level at which each requirement must be performed. The matrix further lists individual and collective training solutions for each requirement. At the Annual Discipline Conference (ADC), this matrix is reviewed to ensure that all performance requirements reflect NATO's changing operating environment and verify that the training solutions listed still meet the respective requirements.

At the CIMIC & CMI ADC 2020, due to significant developments within the CIMIC & CMI discipline, SHAPE ACOS J9 BG Lebrun (CIMIC & CMI Requirement Authority) initiated a thorough review of the TRA matrix and its performance statements at Operational Level. The review  focused on NATO’s Joint Support and Enabling Command (JSEC), Civil Affairs and the complex areas of cross-cutting topics and CIMIC & CMI Analysis and Assessment, all of which at Operational Level.  

The results of this initial review serve as a basis for the upcoming elaboration of CIMIC & CMI performance requirements at Operational Level. In close coordination with respective NATO entities, related disciplines and subject matter experts, SHAPE ACOS J9 and the CCOE will adjust existing performance requirements and define new requirements to meet NATO’s contemporary environment. The new set of performance requirements will be introduced at the CIMIC & CMI ADC 2021 and will be formally captured in the subsequent CIMIC & CMI Discipline Alignment Plan.

Author: Leonie Stapelfeldt, T&E