Successful United Nations Civil-Military Coordination (UN-CMCOORD) course at the CIMIC Centre of Excellence (CCOE)

Intensive training on effective Civil-military coordination from the UN OCHA perspective cooperation between OCHA and CIMIC

From 14.01. to 19.01.2024, the United Nations Civil-Military Coordination (UN-CMCOORD) course took place at the CCOE. Led by Mr Josef Reiterer, an experienced member of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), more than 20 participants from various UN agencies and humanitarian organisations as well as some members of the military participated  in the training.

The course focused on cooperation between civil responders to emergencies and crisis, military responders and (CIMIC officers as well as the UN-CMCoord coordination function), with Mr Reiterer acting as the course director and trainer. His many years of expertise and practical experience in the field of civil military as well as humanitarian coordination made him an ideal instructor for this challenging training. The participants gained comprehensive insights into the methods and strategies for effective coordination between humanitarian organisations and military units. Mr Reiterer not only imparted theoretical knowledge but also strongly focused on practical applications to best prepare the participants for real operational scenarios.The CCOE is an ideal host for the course, and the participants appreciated the professional organisation and high-quality equipment in the training rooms.

The UN-CMCoord course at the CCOE was therefore not only an enriching experience for the participants, but also helped to further strengthen the cooperation between UN-OCHA and CIMIC and improve operational capability in emergencies and crisis responses.

Photo/Text by PAO CCOE