CCOE Contributes to the annual US Civil Affairs Association Symposium

On 14 and 15 Nov the CCOE contributed virtually to the annual US Civil Affairs Association Symposium. This year’s motto was “Civil Affairs – a force for winning without fighting!”

Branch Chief Concepts, Interoperability, Capabilities, Lieutenant Colonel Stefan Muehlich, updated the Civil Affairs Community of Interest about NATO doctrinal and conceptual developments related to CIMIC and elaborated on CIMIC contributions in the “Shape” and “Contest” contexts in the competition continuum. A pre-requisite and basis for these contributions is the capability to integrate the civil factors of the operating environment in all planning- and decision-making processes as well as effective and efficient Civil-Military Interaction.

This venue also offered great learning opportunities about USA, CAN, GBR and UN civil-military approaches and developments.

The CCOE and the US Civil Affairs Association maintain a close relationship and mutual contribution to events in the wider framework of CCOE’s Synchronization Project for NATO CIMIC and US Civil Affairs.