A new intern has arrived at the ccoe

Mr. Koen van der West (NLD) will conduct his internship at the Concept, Interoperability and Capabilities (CIC) Branch from July till October 2015. During this time he will assist in operationalizing the new NATO CIMIC-CMI doctrine (MC 411/2). More specifically Koen will be involved in preparing and writing the CCOE CMI Survey report.

Koen studied at the University of Groningen (NLD) in which he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in History. Nowadays he is finalizing a 1,5 year Master’s programme in International Humanitarian Action (NOHA), for which he studies at the University of Groningen and the University College Dublin (IRL). Koen is currently doing research for his Master thesis about civil-military communication within the MINUSMA mission in Gao (ML).