Allied Joint Publication for civil-military cooperation handed over to the Director CCOE

The first copy of the new NATO doctrine on CIMIC, Allied Joint Publication for civil-military cooperation (AJP-3.19) was handed over by the custodian to the Director of the CCOE Colonel Wolfgang Paulik.

The AJP-3.19 was promulgated on the 9th of November and is now the official NATO doctrine for CIMIC and supersedes the AJP-3.4.9 from 2013.

The review process started in 2016, when the NATO nations decided to conduct a full revision of the current doctrine on CIMIC, under the leadership of the custodian, provided by the CIMIC  COE, a writing team produced the new publication within the given timelines. The new doctrine is fundamental for understanding NATO CIMIC as a joint function and its application in all types of operations.

The major changes from the previous version can be found on the summary of changes sheet in the beginning of the publication.

You find the AJP 3.19 here.