Brigadier General Pavel Adam visited the CCOE

Picture: Brigadier General Pavel Adam, the Assistant Chief of Staff (ACOS) J 9 at the Headquarter Allied Joint Forces Command Brunssum (JFCBS) is welcomed by Director Wolfgang Paulik at the CCOE. / Source: CCOE/ Herter

During his inaugural visit to the CCOE, General Adam met with the Directorate of the CCOE, receiving an update on the recent initiatives of the CIMIC Centre, particularly with perspective on the decisions of the Warsaw Summit. Director Paulik briefed the General and his Section Head CIMIC on the findings from the initial fact-finding trip to the Baltics in early October. These results relate directly to the ongoing work in The Hague to develop new approaches to “Domestic CIMIC” and “CIMIC in Collective Defense”, applicable to resilience measures within the NATO Alliance. Director Paulik concluded with an outlook on the major CCOE activities for 2017, namely the emerging CIMIC focus on the South-Eastern flank, the joined staging of the annual Community-of-Interest Conference in Riga with the StratCom COE and the 10th Anniversary of the CCOE.